S.C. Communication Distribution Solutions S.R.L.

CAEN 6201 - Activitati de realizare a software-ului la comanda

In 1994, Communication Distribution Solutions SRL (C.D.S.) started as a privately owned Romanian-German joint capital company, offering software development and operational support for a sophisticated GIS-based physical network inventory management system. Working for the german market we got to take on the methodologies used in Western Europe and we implemented them in our team. Understanding the concept of outsourcing, we learned how to work from remote locations and improved our software delivery process.
The goal of our team of 14 programmers and testers is to offer our customers reliable software solutions for improving their business.

We are a company mostly geared towards the needs and wants of our customers. As such, we consider the customers to be the most important elements in self-evaluation of our company, and we strive to offer them products based on the latest available software technologies, fully supported with assistance and maintenance services. We are used to working side-by-side with our customers, as we guide each other through every step of the work done on bringing the end-product to life.
The company was well positioned in Alba Iulia, a city with a known University and with a great section of Faculty of Exact Sciences and Engineering. BA programmes ensured a significant pool of talents for us.
The short distance from Sibiu airports (80 km), Cluj (100 km) and Targu Mures (120 km) provide easy access to national and international airports.

Our team provides fast and cost effective software development solutions using well established technologies.

Java Technologies: J2EE, Servlets, JSP, EJB3, Hibernate, JSF
.NET Technologies: C#, C++ Windows development and MFC
Database Engines: Oracle, MS SQLServer, MySQL, PostgreSQL
Mobile and Web Front-end Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery mobile & UI, OpenLayers, Vue, Bootstrap.
iOS and Android included.